Lindfield Christian Care Home

Considering Living in a Care Home

Deciding to live in a Care Home is a huge decision and sometimes not made voluntarily but because of need, crisis or an emergency. Like any change it will involve feelings of sadness, loss and sometimes resentment.

We at Lindfield Christian Care Home, affectionately known as Compton House try to make those who have made the decision to come and live with us see the change as a positive one. To try to view this move as a fresh opportunity to overcome any difficulties or challenges that are now presenting. Even at times of difficulty like failing health, subtle changes can bring benefits and improve the quality of life. We endeavour to ensure that individual preferences are always considered as this is how we try to maintain every individual’s sense of identity which is important to us all for our wellbeing, security and happiness.

When you first move into Compton House you and your relatives might feel that all we do is ask lots of questions. A nuisance it might seem, but actually this is how we can be sure that we are doing everything we can to make you as happy, comfortable and content as you can be. Getting to know you is one of the most important things that we can do, so that we understand the little things that all of us appreciate, as it is often the little things that are valued more than the grand gestures. Getting to know you help us to tailor your care, it will help us to anticipate your needs and act in your best interest if you were ever to become unwell, or find it difficult to communicate your wishes.

You can continue to share special dates that you may wish to celebrate, like anniversaries and birthdays of friends and loved ones. Many people who live at Compton House have told us that they felt quite lonely before coming to live here and although they wished to stay at home as long as possible, once they were here they now say they have more friends and feel very much a part of our Compton House Community. Forming friendships and relationships are what gives us pleasure throughout our lives and it is no different when we reach later life even when we live in a Care Home. Our staff are committed to delivering the highest quality care and most have been with us for many years.

When considering moving into a Nursing Home it might feel like you are relinquishing control but our aim is to encourage you to maintain as much independence as possible and you will be involved in developing your plan of care and all decision making. Our staff will always encourage your involvement and consider the balance between potential risks and individual’s rights. As providers we are duty bound to identify risks and put controls in place to minimise them. However, in recent years much research has been undertaken and whilst risk assessments must continue to happen it is recognised that removing all risk and preventing people from ‘doing’ actually affects their quality of life. So you can be assured we will always inform you of the pros and cons but ultimately the decision will be yours even if we feel it to be an unwise decision.

Social activity and interaction are important for everyone’s wellbeing, but especially when living in a care home. We endeavour to provide a varied range of activities, entertainment and events that have considered group and individual interests and preferences. For instance, we arranged for the local Fire Service to visit us and give a talk on the history of the Fire Service a great afternoon (see pictures above). Our aim is to make living at Compton House as happy and fulfilling as it can be. All people who live and work at Compton House have the opportunity to comment on our service at a monthly coffee morning when everyone is encouraged to give us feedback and make suggestions or give ideas. We have established links with the Community and we encourage community groups to visit the Home whenever they can. Frequent visitors include members from all 3 Churches in Lindfield, All Saints, The United Reform Church and Lindfield Evangelical Free Church, a nursery group, schools, local history society, choirs and entertainers. We have a full time Wellbeing Lead who plans a calendar of activities and events, including trips out, having consulted with the people who live and work here. Once a year we hold an ‘Open Garden’ and in recent years everyone has been involved in fund-raising at these events to raise money for charities such as The Macmillan Nurses, The Stroke Association and The Chestnut Tree Hospice. Local supporters from the community come not only to see the gardens but to meet with everyone and support the people here in their wish to help others. We also take part in the annual National Care Homes Open Day when we open our doors and welcome anyone who wants to see what it’s really like to live and work in a Nursing Home. These are just some of the ways we try to bring the community into Compton House.

What makes us unique?

Lindfield Christian Care Home is very proud to have been providing care since 1992. LCCH is a non-profit making organisation established by the three churches in Lindfield village. It is a home with a strong Christian ethos which is open to everyone. All fees are used for the benefit of the people who live here, the cost of experienced qualified staff to deliver excellent care, to run the home and maintain the fabric of the building, ensuring a safe and homely environment which is fully compliant with the many legal and regulatory requirements.

The Christian ethos of mutual respect and dignity for every individual is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to provide a warm, homely and caring environment, where staff feel valued and we acknowledge and embrace in addition to their nursing needs the uniqueness of each person, whose individual physical, emotional and spiritual well-being needs are also met.

We are also ideally located in the heart of Lindfield Village which makes visits to shops and places of interest accessible.

In 2018 following an unannounced inspection by two Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC, The Regulator of Health and Social Care) we were rated Outstanding. We were delighted to be amongst the 2% of all Care Homes and amongst only 1% of Nursing Homes in the country to receive this status. A fitting reward for all of our staff, who work tirelessly to constantly find ways to improve our service and ensure that the people who live here are healthy, happy and content.

The Trustees

The Trustees of Lindfield Christian Care Home are members of the three Lindfield Churches with expertise in nursing, finance, law, business and risk management. The Chair of Trustees leads the Board of Trustees and ensures that the board makes well informed decisions, follows the law and rules of the charity and ensures that Lindfield Christian Care Home complies with all regulatory requirements.

The Trustees have overall control of Lindfield Christian Care Home and ensure it is run in accordance with their wishes. The main board meet every two months and the Registered Manager reports to the Trustees on all aspects of the running of the Home, which includes a Governance Report and an update on every individual’s health and wellbeing.  Board sub committees meet throughout the year.

The Trustees use their particular skills, expertise and experience to fulfil their aims of providing a caring nursing home, that provides an excellent service where the Christian ethos and the individual living here is at the heart of everything we do. The Trustees always remain mindful of the impact that any decisions they make may have on the people who live and work in Compton House. All Trustees visit the home regularly and undertake a Provider Audit at least twice a year and several of them volunteer on a regular basis in the Home so they get to know the people living and working here.

Philosophy of Care

Lindfield Christian Care Home aims to provide the people who live here with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well-being, spiritual needs and comfort are of prime importance. Privacy, individuality, dignity, respect and choice are central to the delivery of holistic care for each individual. We value the uniqueness of every person and aim to promote independence, wellbeing, fulfilment and happiness.

Our Staff

 Most of our staff have worked in Compton House for many years. Whether it is nursing, caring, cleaning, cooking or looking after the premises or gardens, all our staff are totally committed to our philosophy that the health and well-being of every individual resident is at the heart of everything we do. Our staff have been recognised by the Care Quality Commission as being ‘exceptionally caring and responsive’. As a nursing home the Deputy Manager and Senior Nurse are the Clinical Leads for the home we always have Registered General Nurses on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week who will plan with each individual their Plan of Care. Each RGN lead a team of experienced and qualified Health Care Assistants and oversee the delivery of person centred care on a daily basis.

Our Vision Statement

‘Our residents will live a life they choose, with dignity, privacy and respect. Cared for by our valued staff who are motivated by the desire to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of everyone who lives at Compton House. Residents will be encouraged and empowered to maintain and build on their existing strengths, feel part of, and contribute to the Compton House community, whilst knowing their care will be person centred and individualised according to their wishes and preferences. The people living at Compton House will always know they will be treated with care and compassion by competent and committed staff. (our vision statement is developed and discussed with everyone living and working in the home in January every year)

Core Values of Care




























Core Values

Compton House recognises the importance for everyone living here to retain their individuality and independence and in accordance with the Core Values of Care outlined above, seek to provide an environment where the following principles and values apply:

  • Respect for each individual regardless of their background, gender, disability, age, culture and religion


  • Help for each individual to continue with their chosen lifestyle, as far as is reasonably possible


  • To offer individuals opportunities to develop new friendships and experiences within the community of the Home and within the wider community if they should wish


  • Listen to the views of the individuals, their relatives, friends and advocates


  • Provide personal care that is discreet, dignified, sensitive and appropriate for each person


  • Seek to give every individual, relative and advocate a say in the running of the Home through our Star Group (People who live and work here) and quarterly meetings that include relatives, friends and advocates


Each member of staff has pledged to understand, share and uphold these principles and values.

What should you consider when choosing a Care Home?

Think about what sort of care home you need and about your long term needs. Compton House is a Nursing Home, we have experienced Registered Nurses who plan and oversee your care. They are supported by a team of NVQ 2 & 3 trained Health Care Assistants who deliver personalised care. There are Registered Nurses and support staff on duty 24 hours a day. We always ensure there are sufficient members of staff on duty to care for the needs of the people living here. We know by experience but we also use a recognised Dependency Tool to ensure our staff ratio is correct. Our expertise is in caring for individuals who have physical and medical conditions, such as caring for those who have had a stroke or a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Diabetes or for those who are approaching the end of life. If you are living with Dementia, then I am sorry to say we are unable to assist you.  We recommend that you will need to consider a home that specialises in caring for those people living with Dementia. Homes that specialise in Dementia Care have staff who are especially trained and experts in organising the care home to have a layout that is suitable for you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. It is important to take the time to make the right decision when entering a care home as having to transfer to another home can be very unsettling.  

You should also consider location, are your relatives and friends going to be able to visit you easily. Compton House is situated parallel to the rather lovely Lindfield High Street with the three Churches and a great selection of shops, coffee houses, pubs and the well-known picturesque pond. But it is what we offer that is more important.

You will need to come and visit us and then consider when you step inside of Compton House how does it feel, sound and smell, how are you greeted by the staff? It is often the feeling that visitors get when they visit us that they comment on. Choosing a care home is one of the most important decisions you will make and it is important to make the right choice. You must feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of, because finding out as much as you can will ensure that you make a well informed decision and the best choice for you.

Contact us

If you find yourself in need of nursing care, please contact us. We will ask you details about your current circumstances and medical and nursing needs and give an initial indication as to whether we can help you as this is not just dependant on us having a vacancy.

There is a lot of key information that is available that you do need to read and consider and staff will direct you to how you can access this. When you are ready you can arrange a visit to the home. We do have an open door policy, but it is much better if you make an appointment to ensure that a senior member of the team can be available to meet you, show you round and answer any questions you might have.

Key Information

On enquiring about a vacancy, we will direct you to our Website (if a telephone enquiry) or our Quiet Room (if you are visiting the home) where you can find all the ‘key information’ that you will need to know. We can post out our Brochure which also includes all of the key information you will need to help you make a decision about us. You will find a copy of our Agreement, Vision Statement, Statement of Purpose, CQC Report, Handbook for people living here, Complaints Policy and other important information that you ned to consider when choosing to live in a care home.

Our Agreement will set out our Terms and Conditions of Residency and will include what is and is not included in the fees. It also includes our complaints policy and any rules and/or regulations of tenancy of the home.

This might seem like a lot of information to absorb when making initial enquiries, but this is the way we can reassure you that we are open and transparent about not only the care we can provide but our fees, terms and conditions.

Visit us

If we feel we may be able to meet your individual needs then we will invite you to visit the home, (sometimes relatives and/or friends visit us on your behalf if you are unable to). You will then have the opportunity to meet some of our staff, the people who live here and get a feel for the home. You will be shown communal areas and any bedrooms that are available. If you think you or your relative/friend would like to come and live in Compton House then we will arrange for a senior member of staff to visit you. They will spend time getting to know you, asking lots of questions to enable them to make an expert assessment of your individual needs; they will also tell you about life at Compton House, and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. You will need to reflect on what you have seen and heard before making your decision.


Following this assessment visit, there will be a meeting at Compton House with the Senior staff to discuss not only your individual needs but the needs of the people who already live here. It is always a careful balance and requires careful consideration and is not just simply about having a vacant room and an enquirer. If we feel we are able to meet your needs then we will offer you a place and if you agree, we will arrange a mutually convenient date for your admission. If we are unable to offer a place we will tell you why.

We constantly review and assess everyone’s needs in our care, if there is a prolonged change in your dependency level this may affect your fees but this will always be discussed with you. Sometimes after careful consideration, even when we have a vacancy we have to refuse admission based on the current needs and best interests of the people who already live here as well as the person enquiring.

The Senior Management Team

The Registered Manager is overall responsible for the wellbeing of the people who live and work here and the smooth and efficient running of the business. She leads the team which comprises of the Deputy Manager, the Finance Manager and the PA to the Registered Manager with responsibility for Human Resources. Collectively they all play a part in ensuring the home runs effectively and efficiently and in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements. The Health & Safety Officer, who reports to the Registered Manager is responsible for ensuring the home is compliant with all health and safety legislation and also leads the maintenance team.

Medical Care

We are very fortunate in having the expertise of Dr Andrew Reader from Lindfield Medical Centre who is responsible for the medical care of our residents who register with Lindfield Medical Centre. Dr Reader visits weekly and sees all residents registered with Lindfield Medical Centre. In addition to his weekly visit he will also visit individual residents when needed during surgery hours. When the surgery is closed the out of hours GP service provide cover to the home at all other times. The Staff of Compton House and Dr Reader work closely with other health professionals to ensure every resident’s health is viewed and reviewed holistically and referrals are made as and when felt necessary.

You may of course choose to remain with your own GP, but this must be negotiated between you and your GP and the GP must confirm that they are willing to continue to be responsible for your medical care and be prepared to visit you during the time you live at Compton House.

Visiting Professionals

Physiotherapy, speech and language therapists are also available under the NHS if the criteria are met. Specialist Nurses and professionals are also part of our multi -disciplinary team; ie Pharmacist, MND Nurse, Dieticians and the Falls team. Physiotherapists and chiropodists visit Compton House by private arrangement with you. Price Lists are available in the Key Information Folder in our Quiet Room. We also have regular visits to the home from Vision Call Opticians and Action for Deafness, who will undertake sight and hearing test and fit glasses and hearing aids in the comfort of Compton House.


Nursing Care

We provide 24 hour nursing care under the direct supervision of the Deputy Manager and our Senior Nurse who are supported by a team of experienced Registered Nurses. When you are admitted to Compton House we will take time to get to know you, a plan of care will be developed with you, to ensure that the plan is individual to you and will take account of your personal preferences. We will often, with your permission encourage your relatives to contribute to this, by providing any additional information that will help us ensure we have considered all aspects of your care. This Plan of Care is a legal document and will be kept in your room so that it is always available to you and to staff to consult to ensure they are delivering the care that has been agreed and planned with you. With your permission your relatives may also read this but otherwise it is a private document that is seen by other professionals on a need to know basis only. We have two RGNs on duty every morning and one RGN in the afternoon and at night, 6 Health Care Assistants are on duty in the morning, 4 in the afternoon and 2 at night almost all of whom have an NVQ3 and/or NVQ2 Qualification.

In early 2019 we introduced an Electronic Care Planning System which has improved the management and responsiveness of care planning and can be accessed and updated in real time by the Care Team through a mobile hand device (which looks like a mobile phone). This is a progressive move on our part in order to continue to improve our service and ensure that care is recorded in a person centred way.

Everyone living at Compton House is allocated their own named nurse and a key worker and you will be introduced to them as soon as possible. These two people have specific responsibility to take a special interest in your health and well-being. They will liaise with you regarding your care and will review and update your individual Plan of Care to ensure it always reflects your current health, well-being needs and preferences.

Wellbeing Lead

We have a full time dedicated Wellbeing Lead who plans, prepares and facilitates our social activities programme based on every individuals interests and preferences with their wellbeing in mind. Unlike a lot of homes wellbeing and social activity is everyone’s responsibility and you will witness on a daily basis how all staff from all departments take part in all aspects of socialising. The wellbeing lead liaises with the people who live and work here every day and together they jointly decide on ideas for meaningful occupation and activities that they would like to be put on and be involved in.

Our staff are also very good sports  and get involved in all sorts of activities and have even put on their own performance, no Oscars yet but would be good contenders for a comedy slot and this all adds to the family, fun and happy atmosphere we try to create.

A monthly coffee morning (STAR Group) is held so that residents meet as a group with all staff on duty over coffee and biscuits and are actively encouraged to share their experience of living in Compton House. We ask for feedback and comments on the service during the last month. We discuss any future activities, events and outings that maybe planned based on their suggestions and ideas.

This regular STAR Group meeting provides us with another opportunity, through people’s comments and feedback to find ways that we can continue to evolve and improve the service.

As a result of a request from STAR Group many of our staff embraced the opportunity to share what life is like from their own culture and/or part of the country over a series of themed days.

Weather permitting trips out to the local community are also arranged, as are visiting entertainers


We have a Catering Manager who heads a team of cooks and catering assistants, who plan, prepare, cook and serve home cooked meals. Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible with daily fresh vegetables, dairy, meat and fish deliveries. Menus are planned with the input of the people and staff who live and work here and there is always a choice on offer.

Our menu is on a four week rolling menu and changed Summer and Winter. However because of the many special Birthday Menus that are offered and also to take advantage of seasonal produce they rarely remain static, which means a varied menu choice. We are able to cater for most special diets and our Catering Manager is always happy to discuss your dietary requirements with you. Our Little Kitchen is used for serving breakfast every morning and drinks throughout the day and night. We always aim to offer refreshments to visitors and regular visitors are always free to help themselves to make drinks when they are visiting at any time.

Our Catering Manager is flexible and pulls out all the stops for special occasions and events, such as our Summer Sizzle, Africa Day, Bonfire Night, Christmas and peoples Birthdays. We were awarded 5 stars on our last Environmental Health Officer Inspection for food and hygiene services.


Our Housekeeper heads a team of domestic and laundry assistants who take great pride in the important service they provide, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control ensuring that the people who live and work here are kept safe in a clean and comfortable environment seven days a week. We have our own laundry and are able to care for machine and hand wash garments. However we are unable to undertake dry cleaning and we also ask that if you do decide to come and live here that you ensure that all garments are named please.

Health & Safety and Maintenance

The Health & Safety Officer along with the Registered Manager have the responsibility of ensuring that Compton House is compliant with all health and safety regulations. Along with the Maintenance Team they also make sure that the building’s interior, exterior, grounds and the home environment is maintained to the highest level along with all of the Health and Safety checks and audits in order to keep the home, the people who live, work and visit here safe.

Learning and Development

We are committed to the learning and development and supervision of every member of our staff. All staff undertake mandatory training on an annual basis that is relevant to their role in the home. We encourage all staff to continue to develop professionally and offer everyone additional opportunities to attend courses and other study opportunities to enhance their individual role. Some of our health care staff have taken on the role and responsibility of becoming a Champion. This means they have a strong personal interest in a specific area of health care and have undertaken additional training and agreed to take on responsibility in that area of interest in the home. They keep up to date with changes in theory and best practice and act as a personal resource for staff and lead on any initiatives for their area. Champions attend forums, meetings and maintain links where appropriate with other clinicians. All staff are given protected time to have professional discussions with their line manager every 12 weeks.


We are registered to provide nursing care for up to 27 residents. We have 25 rooms in total, which includes two sharing/double rooms and twenty three single rooms. Some rooms have an ensuite toilet and wash hand basin, some have an ensuite toilet and shower some do not have an ensuite and have use of a communal wet room and or bathroom. We frequently have married couples living with us in the two double rooms, which we consider a special privilege.

The accommodation for people living with us is over two floors and the third floor is offices, staff room and training room. There is a passenger lift to all floors and a stair lift to the first floor. Because the main part of the house was originally someone’s residential home the rooms vary in size, facilities and outlook. There are some rooms that have been added over the years which are more similar in shape and size. There are assisted baths, shower rooms and toilets and there is a lift for ease of access to the first floor. There are plug and TV sockets in every room and you are welcome to bring in your own TV and other small items that will help to personalise your room. The main lounge is bright and airy, and our dining room which was added in late 2013 is large enough to ensure all people living here can eat together if they wish. The colour scheme, furnishings, curtains and carpets were all chosen by the residents who were living here at the time. We continue to consult with those people living and working here about any changes to the fabric of the building as it is after all their home and the staff have great experience and can also anticipate needs and suitability.

A small area called the Den can be closed off from the dining room to make a quiet and private area for meeting with friends and family. It is also used for small group activities and for those people who may want some quiet time or to watch a particular TV programme.

The dining room has direct access onto the garden via bi-folding doors. The house and grounds are maintained by our maintenance team with the gardens landscaped to be wheelchair friendly. The gardens are pretty and practical, and a wonderful dedicated group of volunteers from the three Churches in Lindfield come every week to tend them, which everyone at Compton House appreciates. We have a raised bed that our staff and volunteers are happy to encourage and assist any individuals who wish to continue to potter in the garden. We do encourage everyone, including visitors to make full use of the garden whenever the weather permits.

We also have a small Therapy Room which allows visiting professionals, ie Chiropodists to meet with individuals privately. It is also used by our visiting hairdressers who usually come on Mondays and/or Tuesdays. Appointments can be booked with the hairdresser direct or via the care team. A price list for each additional service not included in our fees will always be available. You can also arrange for newspapers and or magazines to be delivered to the home by talking with our Housekeeper. Prices will vary, depending on choice of reading material. Compton House pay the bills directly to the provider for you on a weekly basis and then invoice you direct on a monthly basis.

Fees and Funding

Fees reflect that Compton House is a registered nursing home and is staffed with Registered nurses and qualified Care staff 24 hours a day. Compton House is a not for profit organisation and the fees are used to ensure that we employ and retain staff who are suitably qualified to deliver excellent care, to maintain the building and grounds and ensure the Home is fully compliant with regulatory and legal requirements.

What is included in the fees:-

  1. Full cost of nursing care
  2. Cost of accommodation
  3. Cost of all food and nutrition
  4. Cost of laundry
  5. Social activities & social outings
  6. Cost of energy and utilities
  7. Cost of insurance

What is not included in the fees:-

  1. Physiotherapy (unless arranged via the NHS)
  2. Speech therapy (unless arranged by the NHS)
  3. Chiropody (unless arranged by the NHS)
  4. Care escorts ie for outpatient, dentist, optician appointments
  5. Transport (on occasions you may be eligible for hospital transport)
  6. Hairdressing
  7. Newspapers and magazines
  8. Telephone

All of the above services where the fees are not included can be arranged by you or your relatives at your expense, however the staff will be happy to assist you in organising this. We have price lists for additional services which can be found in the Key Information Folder in our Quiet Room.

With regard to escorting you to outpatient or other appointments, this is not part of our service as it would deplete the care staff available to the other people in the Home. It is the responsibility of your relatives to accompany you on such occasions. If however, occasionally this is not possible and we are able to find a member of the team who is off duty but willing and available to accompany a resident in their place, this would be charged to your account calculated on the member of staffs’ normal pay and time spent accompanying you. Sometimes you will be eligible for hospital transport which we are happy to assist with, but usually it is your responsibility or that

of your relative to arrange transport. We have a list of reliable wheelchair taxis if these are required.

The Trustees ask that people wishing to live in Compton House have sufficient funds to pay the full fees for at least two to three years. This is to ensure that all individuals living here will have contributed fairly to the cost of their care. The current funding limit set by the government at the current time is £23,500. This means that the cost of your care has to be paid by you until your funds reach this amount, when you will be entitled to a West Sussex County Council Care and Financial Assessment. The amount that the local authority are prepared to pay for care is a lot less than the actual cost of care and this always leaves a funding gap which can be topped up by relatives and in negotiation with West Sussex Social Services.

Fee Structure & Terms & Conditions

Fees are based on individuals nursing needs, staffing requirements, size of room, facilities, location and aspect. Fees will be quoted within a range or starting from…… this will be confirmed following a Pre-assessment visit. Fees are reviewed if there is any prolonged change of nursing dependency following admission and also annually by the Board of Trustees every November with any changes to take effect from the 1st January. The annual increase is always kept to an absolute minimum and is calculated based on actual costs of running the home and not on local market conditions or the wider economic picture as we are a not for profit organisation. The percentage increase in the last 5 years has been between 2.5% and 4%.

Each person will be given an Agreement which states our terms and conditions of residency. This is our contract with you and must be read and signed prior to admission. An opportunity will be given to you to discuss anything that you may be uncertain about. This Agreement details the room to be occupied, the cost per month and our payment method, which is by Direct Debit. A first invoice will also be included which details the calculation of costs from admission, and will also include a fully refundable 4 week deposit. This money is security and is to protect us against any risk of nonpayment, however it is ring fenced and is fully refunded on the event of you leaving or sadly passing away. If you have nominated an individual/individuals as Power of Attorney for you, we will need to have a copy of this for our records. There will be two copies of the Agreement which will need to be signed by the Registered Manager acting on behalf of the Trustees, the Individual and the Appointed Representative. One copy to be held by you and the other returned and retained for our records.

Living in Compton House Handbook

Every person receives a copy of our Living in Compton House Handbook which details lots of information about living in the Home. We have tried to think of everything and ensure that everything you may possibly need to know has been covered in this book. However if we have forgotten something or you have questions please just ask any member of staff, who will be happy to assist you. The Handbook is yours to keep so you can refer to it at any time. It can also be made available in other languages and in other formats on request.

We want you to consider that Compton House is your home and so there are no restrictions on visiting and your visitors are welcome at any time. You will always be able to receive them in your own room or in any of the communal spaces of Compton

House. Your friends and family are warmly welcome to join you in any of our daily activities, events and outings. We actively encourage family and friends to assist you in maintaining your links and interests with your local community, and we are happy to help in planning this; all we ask is that you always inform the nurse in charge if you plan to leave the home.

We have recently had a super duper Wi-Fi system installed which means the internet is now accessible throughout the Home. The password is readily available from the signing in desk. Thanks to a very generous gift from one of our Trustees the people who live here have access to an IPad which allows Face Time calls as well as lots of other interesting activities. Please speak to our Wellbeing Lead if you would like more information or assistance with using Ipad. We have also recently installed a large Smart Television which is used in many ways other than just watching TV.


We aim to always be an open and transparent organisation and only want the best for the people who live and work here. Our complaints policy is listed in The Living in Compton House Handbook, a laminated copy of the Complaints Policy is also in every room. There are also copies of a suggestions, comments and complaints leaflet around the home for anyone who wanted to comment, make suggestions or complain anonymously. We actively encourage every individual to comment on their care and treatment and how they find life living in Compton House. Our aim is always to consider and act on any ideas and suggestions and respond to any negative comments or complaints as quickly as possible, as we believe this is the only way we can continue to provide an Outstanding Service.


I wanted to write and say a big thank you for the loving care my mother received during her time at Compton House with you all. I felt, and although I am not speaking for, but know it to be the case that my two brothers also felt, that mother spent the final chapter of her life being cared for in the best possible way and the best possible team. There were as you know many, many multiple visits by our family and friends all who commented on the professionalism, attentive nature and above all care the staff afforded Mother. It was always a comfort to be able to leave her after our visits knowing she was in such good hands. (Son)

I would like to thank all the staff at Compton House for the care and attention my mother received and for the great kindness and compassion shown to her. The frustration of losing her independence was balanced with her maintaining her active mind. She so appreciated all the effort and hard work that was put into social activities and events by all the staff. (Daughter)

Dear Paula and your amazing team, we both wish to say thank you all so very much for the amazing care given to my husband. The care is quite fantastic, the patience and dedication to me too is so greatly appreciated. I so enjoy sharing lunch with him and all the residents, again our gratitude for all you do. (Wife)

Thank you forall that you do for our mother. You are a marvelous bunch and do such a wonderful job trying and catering for the individuals needs of the residents you care for in Compton House (Daughter)

I come to visit my friend every week and have done since her admission (3 years ago) I can honestly say I have never found another home as good as this one! The variety of activities available and the involvement and encouragement of all the staff is unique. (Friend)

The care my friend was given for the 6 years she lived at Compton House was exemplary in every way. She was happy from her very first day and so enjoyed the company of everyone and all the activities. She told me often that she was thoroughly spoilt. It was always a pleasure to visit her in such a friendly atmosphere. (Friend)


Other Information and Useful Organisations

Attendance Allowance

You may be already receiving this, but when you come to live in a care home you should always apply for this as the fact you are living in a Care Home implies you are in need of some assistance and/or support. Go to https://www.gov.uk/attendance-allowance/overview to download Form AA1 or telephone the Attendance Allowance helpline the number can be obtained from www.gov.uk website. The form comes with guidance notes on completing the form and we will be happy to assist you with this regarding the medical information that is required.

Age UK

http://www.ageuk.org.uk/ is another independent organisation that offers lots of advice regarding older age including considering your options when life becomes a little more difficult. Age UK employs its own lawyers who regularly update the information they distribute and they can also be contacted by telephone for specific information.


Carewise was set up by West Sussex County Council, Age UK West Sussex, West Sussex Partners in Care and the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) to help people through this financial minefield. It provides information and ae about care and support options and the most cost-effective ways of paying for long-term care, ie annuities

Care Aware

This is an advocacy service that provides accurate answers to many of the questions you may have regarding care. They offer independent information that may help in making informed decisions.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, please read our latest report in our Quiet Room or online at




West Sussex County Council

WSCC website https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/ has lots of useful information including a dedicated section on social care and health. It is easy to navigate and covers all aspects of care both at home and residential.


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