How grateful I am

It is impossible for me to ever be able to express sufficiently just how grateful I am to each and everyone of you, for how you have cared for Mum so magnificently over the last 41/2 years. I think we can safely say she became a long term resident!! although I have been aware how every single ‘resident’ is always treated much more like family; and that is why you are just so special, and why Compton House is such an oasis of love, calm and friendship.  I can honestly say that in all these years I have never noticed any of you ‘having a bad day’ - and evening if you were, the high level of professionalism was always so impressive! You are all stars! 

I am still finding it so hard to believe she is no longer her, it has been unbearable not being able to see Mum over th last 5 weeks.  We can’t imagine how stressful it has been for you too, and it was such a deep comfort to know you were looking after her right to the end.  we want to salute you all enormously and hope this horrid nightmare will move on ASAP. 

Thank you too for your constant smiles, going the extra mile(always), the cups of tea, taking such an interest in Mum even on her foggy days when nothing much made sense. As an ex-nurse(very ex) I was overwhelmed by such high standards of care. Mum’s hair and nails always attended too, the rooms clean and the sparkling dining room- so sunny! How we will miss seeing you all! Sob.

we’ve taken the liberty of giving a couple of folding chairs for visitors to enjoy and I know Mum would love to have left something for the garden, so we will sort something out. Goodbye you beautiful angels, you made the last chapter so special 

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