We ask that everyone is self-funded for the first 2-3years

We do sometimes accept funded places if the funding meets our fees

If people have lived here and self-funded for 2-3 years and their capital falls below £23,500 the current government threshold, we will advise relatives to contact the appropriate department for state funding at least 3 months before they reach the funding level

Key Features of Service:

Our expertise is nursing people over the age of 65 years with physical illness and/or diseases such as: Parkinsons Disease, Strokes, Arthritis, Motor Neurone Disease, Diabetes, and also for care at the end of life

We occasionally take people for respite and this is for a minimum of 4 weeks. This is dependent on having a vacant room and the capacity to care for the person. Respite rooms cannot be booked in advance

We have 25 rooms of varying shapes and sizes. We have 2 sharing rooms which are often occupied singly for an enhanced fee. All rooms have a wash hand basin, some rooms have a wash hand basin and toilet, these rooms would make use of the shared wet rooms or bathrooms. Some rooms have ensuites which could be a shower room, a wet room or a bathroom.

We have a large bright sunny lounge, a large bright and airy dining room which has a facility to open up to incorporate a den area that is used for family gatherings or meetings or watching specific tv programmes etc

Our location is right in the heart of Lindfield and is one street along from the High Street which boasts many shops, coffee shops, 4 pubs and 3 churches.

Our staffing levels are excellent and based on a recognised Dependency Tool and also Senior staff expertise in assessment. Staffing levels will be increased if there is an identified need.

The Deputy Manager and Senior Nurse are the Clinical Leads for the home, supported by a team of qualified health care assistants who are led by experienced Registered Nurses on duty 24 hours a day


Our fees range from £1,300 for a shared room to £1,740 for a single occupancy of a shared room. With most rooms falling between £1,1300 - £1,470



What is included in fees:

  • accommodation and full board (three meals per day, giving a reasonable choice of menus, including special diets for medical conditions)
  • the cost of electricity and gas central heating
  • incontinence supplies
  • housekeeping and cleaning of rooms
  • periodical decorating and refurbishment in accordance with the Provider’s policy
  • provision of professional qualified nursing staff
  • provision of staff on a 24 hour basis
  • nurse call system in all rooms
  • Provision of WiFi
  • laundering of bed linen and personal items not requiring dry cleaning
  • a range of social and wellbeing activities
  • occasional outings where appropriate and periodical visiting entertainment.


What is not included in fees:

  • hairdressing
  • chiropody
  • aromatherapy
  • newspapers
  • physiotherapy
  • taxis and other transportation
  • personal dry cleaning
  • toiletries
  • non-NHS optical, audiology and dental requirements or other specialist services
  • telephone rental and cost of telephone calls
  • clothing and personal effects
  • alcoholic beverages
  • If special beverages or special dietary foods other than for medical conditions are requested, these may be recharged to the resident.

There are price lists available for additional services in the Key Information Folder in our Quiet Room

Additional Information:

Detailed information is written in the Lindfield Christian Care Home Brochure and in our Agreement which sets out our Terms & Conditions. Both of these can be found in the Key Information Folder in our quiet room in the home or you can request that these are sent to you via email or post







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