STAR Group Meeting

The STAR Group met on the 29th September. This is a group of residents (everyone welcome but some residents choose not to attend) who meet with the staff on duty on the day. The aim of the meeting is to provide a regular opportunity for staff and residents to get together to comment on care, treatment and the service in general. It is also a forum for discussion and many ideas and suggestions come out of these meetings. The residents commented on how much they like the new decoration of the lounge saying it feels warmer and cosy. The shorter half an hour DVDs that were requested by residents at an earlier meeting have arrived and some residents were looking forward to watching in particular The Darling Buds of May. The consensus from the residents was that they would like to play some more board games and one of the staff came up with the idea of asking all staff if they had favourite games at home that they played and would be prepared to bring in to share with residents which the residents are now looking forward to.

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