Thank you in difficult times

Thank you so much to you and Mandy for coming yesterday. It was a lovely unexpected surprise to see you welcoming us as we turned in the cemetery. Thinking about it though- it is what you all at Compton House have always done- given everyone such a warm welcome, residents and relatives alike.

We had just left the other side of the Hollow in the cul-de-sac where mum had lived for fifteen years. Over 30 people had  joined us there - all socially distanced and we had sun “Great is thy faithfulness” & Steve, the rector had prayed. To see you welcoming us at the cemetery was extra special. I’ve been at so many funerals over the years because of choir connections so somehow yesterday’s unusual circumstances meant that Mum’s was unique and especially personal.

Thank you to you and all the staff for the wonderful care and warmth that you have given Mum over the past 31/2 Years when searching for the right home for her I always knew that it was happened when I wasn’t visiting that was most important & I always knew that she was in safe hands.

It was difficult not being able to visit for such a long time, especially when I knew she needed it most, but thank you to all of you for the kindness that you showed her and me.

Paula you have Been such an excellent Manager- thank you. I wish you a long and happy retirement. May God continue to bless you....

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