We're getting competitive with our pancake tossing!

Pancake Day (1).jpg Pancake Day.jpgPancake competition, Kathleen.jpg Pancake competition, Janet, June.jpgPancake competition, Becky, Steph.jpg You could probably here the cheering and the laughter as residents and staff competed in our pancake tossing event! Steph and Becky, two of our fabulous care staff, took the fun to another level - using the length of the lounge to launch their pancake across the room, catch it in the pan and toss it back. Yes it did hit the floor a few times, but they persevered until it had pretty much disintegrated. They couldn't stop - there was too much enthusiastic encouragement from our lovely residents! Later on everyone was able to create their own pancake filling for desert - delicious!! Thank you Sammy and Pauline for enabling this all to take place today.

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