What a Rainy day

What a Rainy day

What a rainy day ☔️ It’s a shame for us but it’s been great for the garden and our vegetable plants are doing really well! As long as we can keep the magpies away.... 🌿 We been watching the All Saints Lindfield church services today (again, once in the morning and once in the afternoon) and everyone was very much enjoyed being back together joining in the worship and singing along with the hymns 🎶 

rainy day.jpg

The day finished off with an animal documentary and a good discussion afterwards.

rainy day 3.jpg

 Amy received some beautiful sunny flowers from her daughter this morning and loved the chocolates as well 🌼 The staff were treated to some brownies that were brought in and as you can tell, they went down very well 

Rainy day 4.jpg

😜 Hope you’ve all had a good day! ❤️❤️

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